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Venue owners can create an interactive menu to communicate promotions, events, show menus and to receive telephone orders.
They can use the platform to make an interactive multilingual menu available, constantly updateable and without paper waste.

Through a card, for example, a “residents card”, the administrator can update residents in real time on events, services, works in progress and emergencies.

Use to update the guests of the resort on daily events, tournament boards or other information. Can also be a support to create scrapbooks of particular events.
Agencies can communicate promotions, brochures of new tours and photo albums. Use for direct and personal communications.
The agency will be able to create a personalized selection of new proposals according to their clients’ needs, to create photo albums of individual properties that can be constantly updated.
The associations will be able to publish information, rules and regulations and presentation brochures in real time. As well as photo albums of awards or events.
We provide innovative communication tools that can be updated in real time which, thanks to profiling and web pushing, allow direct communication with end users.
We have also created a version for Conferences and Team Building. For these we provide two types of cards: Master and Guest.
The Master card has full control of the contents and can  create a multimedia photo album of the event or congress that is accessible to the secondary users of the cards (Guests).
Guests can upload photographs they have taken to the Master card that will be visible to the entire community after approval by the Master card manager.
Innovative business marketing tools that allow you to communicate the latest information with your customers and create product catalogues that can be constantly updated.
Thanks to our technology, and in co-operation with your loyalty card system, you can reach customers and communicate in real time new initiatives, promotions, prices and flyers.
You can use our platform to create information points that allow access to multimedia content, making the educational experience unforgettable.
Gadget memories of events customizable with photos and videos to remember a special moment.

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